FleetMaster, the complete solution for car fleet management

With over 15 years experience in the field of telematics and software development, Brilliant Technologies has created FleetMaster, a complete TMS (Transport Management System) and FMS (Fleet Management System) solution that covers the entire range of operations: Optimization and Automatic Planning of Routes, Fleet Management, Business Intelligence and Advanced Telematics.

„FleetMaster covers the full range of fleet management functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (GPS monitoring, OBD diagnostics etc.), driver management, speed management, fuel management, health and safety management.” stated Adrian Boaru, CEO of FleetMaster.

FleetMaster comes with a state of the art system establishing the routes that, which redefines the distribution and logistics businesses. The application takes control over customers, orders, vehicles and drivers and optimizes everything: truck loading, optimal route planning, real-time delivery and confirmation, driver instructions and comparative reports.

The purpose of these operations is Optimization of routes by using as few vehicles as possible by loading them at optimum capacity, by reducing the number of traveled kilometers, reducing fuel costs and reducing expenses with planning and dispatching personnel.

FleetMaster, a solution suitable for distribution companies and logistics operators

The FleetMaster solution has applicability in different industries among which we include Distribution and Logistics, Courier and Postal Services, Public Transport, Utilities and Waste, Ambulance, Rapid Intervention and Security, Taxi or Insurances.

For each industry the application uses different algorithms, based on the specific area of activity as well as the operational behavior of each company.

In terms of FMS (Fleet Management System) the application behaves like a real BI (Business Intelligence), instantly delivering complex graphical analysis across all cost categories, leasing monitoring, fuel management or driver behavior.

„Essentially, FleetMaster BI helps you get a much clearer idea about the internal operations of your business. All dashboards and reports are designed as a BI tool, allowing you to visually monitor business operations and perform analytics, as well as to identify the tendencies that could affect the benefits of your business,” mentioned Adrian Boaru.

The biggest time consumer – the analysis of logbooks – was completely eliminated by the introduction of a SMART screen which shows the entire activity of the fleet grouped according to the own concept of each company using it.

Even the traditional investigative activity regarding the route of a car is now just a simple process, the system independently processing the entire information flow and delivering only comparative analyzes.

FleetMaster can interface with existing software systems

One of the strengths of the company is the ability to provide interface of the FleetMaster system with the systems that are already within your company (ERP, WMS, Custom Software) as well as the implementation of the solution at only a fraction of the time and costs collected by national and international competitors.

By using FleetMaster, national and international customers such as Ericsson – 17 countries, Romanian Postal Office (Poșta Română), Heineken, Bere Băuturi București SA, Amigo Intercost, Nitela, Cris-Tim, Altex and hundreds of other medium and large companies, have improved their operational efficiency and gained competitive advantage by optimizing the services of taking over, delivering, loading, routing and territorial planning (last mile logistics and territory optimization).

„We are proud to say that FleetMaster is a complete solution for fleet management, which helps our customers to eliminate or minimize the risks associated with investing in vehicles, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing total transportation and personnel costs, while ensuring full compliance with government law by adopting the highest standards of quality and security in the field: ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 Certificates, SSL Certificate Geotrust Extended validation, Ncage NATO Certificate and Certifications obtained from the police and the firefighting department” concluded Adrian Boaru.

The full range of services as well as the full list of features is available on the company’s website www.fleetmaster.ro.

FleetMaster Contact:

Telephone: +40 21 636 36 08
Email: contact@fleetmaster.ro

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Source: FleetMaster, soluția completă de gestionare a parcurilor auto.