Welcome to FleetMaster™

In a world of permanent movement and expansion, for the companies which rely on transportation in their business, the necessity of managing and controlling their moving assets is essential. Understanding their market and business needs, our team, with more than 15 years of experience in business process optimization, telematics and software development, has created FleetMaster™.

FleetMaster™ is now the flagship product of our company and we are proud to say that is a complete Business Optimization Solution, that combines TMS (Transport Management System) and FMS (Fleet Management Solution) advanced features and helps our clients to get an immediate Return of Investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing overall transportation and staff costs, providing in the same time complete operational control and regulation compliance.

FleetMaster™ is covering all the transportation and fleet management range of functions such as Strategical, Tactical and Operational Planning, Route Optimization, Real Time Execution, Safety and Compliance, Fleet Management, Advanced Telematics (GPS tracking, CAN Data, Tacho Download, diagnostics, …) and Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Even from the beginning, due to our expertise in Planning and Optimization, Advanced Telematics, Software Development and Business Intelligence, we have designed FleetMaster™ as a client-oriented product, with strong business orientation and specially fitted to every business model. Our Research & Development Department works every day for bringing smart innovations to our product and provides advanced technologies related to telematics and optimization algorithms.

As founder and managing partner of the company I address to the customers, partners and industry players a simple message: Optimize your business with FleetMaster!