WHY FleetMaster™

As the demand for fleet management and tracking solutions grows, so has the complexity of choices. There are hundreds of regional providers who offer GPS tracking capabilities (as an add-on to another software package instead of a core competency) and even mobile phone providers are offering GPS fleet tracking solutions.

Most of them are marketing for the same titles like Fleet Management, GPS Tracking or Route Optimization solution, make similar promises and attempt to address the same pains – fuel costs, productivity, operating expenses, inflated payroll, tedious dispatching methods, safety, theft prevention, speeding, harsh driving, idling, and more. To make it tougher – many of the solutions appear to be similar.

So how do you figure out if you`re going to get your money’s worth, and if you’re making the right choice for your business? To help your decision, seek to understand how WELL these solutions actually deliver on solving your problems.

How easy is it to achieve these goals? How easily can you use the reports to identify excessive fuel purchases? How quickly can you find what you’re looking for on the map? How route and cost optimization works for your business case? The true difference is no longer simply a list of features, rather it is how customer-focused a vendor is, how thoughtful they are in designing their product, and how much value they place on customer service.

When you choose a provider, you might have to live with your choice for a long time; after all, many vendors require term contracts. Even after that, the price of change is high – cancellation penalties, retraining your team, taking vehicles off the road again ( just to name a few factors).

Bottom line: spend the time and energy up front to make the right choice for a long term partnership. Choose the best partner by taking in consideration the real Return on Investment factor as you and your partner will evolve together with your business and market changes.

We at FleetMaster are a core competency team that sincerely hope that you will find our solution and us as a provider the right choice that fits your needs and drives the type of results we both know are achievable.