REAL TIME Execution


Live communication and real time driver guidance

From the scratch, FleetMaster™ has been designed to work as a command and control center, linking the dispatchers and the drivers through live communication.

Using many simultaneous displays for dispatching and dashboard tablets or smartphones for the drivers, FleetMaster™ keeps both dispatchers and drivers in permanent contact.

The driver receives routes, tasks, real time navigation guidance and statistic
information about his activity and provides real time feedback to the dispatching center.

Manipulate finished routes and schedules with last minute changes

Using real world data, FleetMaster™ refines your planning parameters and creates more realistic route plans while FleetMaster™ driver module enforces driver efficiency with live navigation guidance and task management.

With FleetMaster™ you can take the necessary actions in a matter of seconds based on what if scenarios analysis using live traffic data, real truck status or real customer availability.

Changing things as they are happening, reroute and reschedule tasks are part of the daily activity and can be managed and controlled entirely through FleetMaster™ .

Improve customer service with scheduling transparency and accurate ETA’s

FleetMaster™ creates the needed transparency between your company and any partner, supplier or end user customer.

With FleetMaster™ you can ensure first time delivery success by accommodating customer time window preferences and updating customers with accurate ETAs, based on planned ETAs and execution feedback.

By using advanced graphical synthesis of route completion and deviations,
FleetMaster™ is making SLA compliance an easy task.

FleetMaster™ helps you to increase customer satisfaction!
Changing and monitoring planned routes and tasks can be challenging.
With FleetMaster™ you can do all that in an organized and automated manner.
FleetMaster™ allows you to take the necessary actions in a matter of seconds. All this is possible using WHAT IF scenarios analysis based on live traffic data, real truck status or real customer availablility