FleetMaster is a cloud based application and has been designed to expand without limits and to operate large scale fleets without any constraints.

As it is the flagship product of our company, FleetMaster was created using the latest programming and database technologies and it is tested and improved by our team continuously

The user interface is 100% web based, accessible from any browser and capable of working in a multi-monitor environment with dispatch capabilities as well as in a standard laptop or desktop.

As we are dedicated to big data processing and we understand the confidentiality of user data, we ensure the business safety of our clients by adopting the best quality

and security standards in the industry:

• ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 Certificates

• Geotrust Extended Validation SSL Certificate

• NATO NCage Certificate

• Police and Fire Department Certifications

FleetMaster DRIVER

The Driver application provides the ultimate workforce tool and connects the driver with the dispatch in real time.

Weather we talk about live communication, driving information, task management or navigation, everthing that means mobility can be easily accesed by the driver using FleetMaster Driver

FleetMaster Driver is a mobile aplication dedicated to drivers and it is designed to be used as a dashboard tablet using standard or industrial mobile devices

FleetMaster Mobile

Features and Benefits

FleetMaster Mobile makes life simple for fleet managers

and brings all the necessary information to their fingers.

Track &Trace

See all your vehicles on mobile device, as a list or as a map, and search/filter/ order the vehicles as you wish.

Check the roadmap of any vehicle and see on the map the graphical route.

Receive alerts from your fleet in real time and access the details without time restrictions.

Driver Behavior

Check the driving score and behavior of your drivers and make instant decisions.

Complete graphical overview over your fleet’s activity on your mobile phone.

Over-the-Air Control
Communicate in real time with your car, arm/disarm, receive alarms and send instructions.

Special Features

and Innovations

ATT – Advanced Time-Bar Technology

Exceptional graphical synthesizing with interpolation up to 50 variables per chart – localization and diagnosis for periods of years, in less than 2 seconds!

GDS – Green Drive System

Intelligent algorithm for scoring drivers in order to improve their efficiency.

GFS – Green Fleet System

Diagnosis and treatment of behaviour to improve fleet efficiency.

RTW – Real-Time Track & Weight

On-line control of the route and of the load carried, including Kg / Km reporting.

IRS – Interactive Route

Interactive tracking of the real time planning routes.

DDV – Dynamic Data View

Real- time multiple screens system with automatic graphical viewing of over 100 parameters interpolated into an exceptional dynamic presentation.

SPS – Spatial POI System

The spatial definition of the points of interest with the exact shape of the objective and the possibility of generating alerts from the street level.

MDA – Maxi Data Analyse System

Interpolated analysis of the fuel / km / speed and 40 engine parameters.

IVC – Integrated Video Comm

Audio- video real-time communication with the drivers and video surveillance of targets.

PPU – Pay per USE

Customization mode of the system allows the configuration in accordance to the needs of business and taxation according to use.

HDRA – High Definition Route Alert

Route alert right after leaving the road.

HAFD – High Accuracy Fuel Detection

System for detecting the fuel level in the tank with a resolution of 10 ml by means of the analysis of 8 parameters simultaneously using a particular interpolation algorithm.

RTFA – Real Time Fuel Alert

On-line control of the real fuel consumption for any vehicle or machine obtained by mathematical interpolation of all events (including theft).

SCS – Self Control System

Autonomous fleet tracking and control system without human dispatching based on programmed parameters and priorities, with automatic reporting of the key parameters.

RTDS – Real Time Diagnostics System

Automatic diagnostics and automatic identification system of the fleet problems with display on priority screens in an instant presentation.

MRS – Matrix Report System

Fully customized reporting system, with over 200 complex models which can be modified instantly by means of the Drag & Drop technology

ISS – Integrated Support System

Hardware and software integrated support technology with automatic reporting of the issues to the Support Centre and provision of Call Center services.

EXI – External XML Interface

Interface integration with external systems (ERP, data import, accounting, etc…)

IWS – Interactive Warehouse System

Interactive order delivery of goods to and from warehouses.

TAX – Taxi Management

Autonomous dispatching for transport companies and automatic transport management.

PTT – Pivot Table Technology

One single Pivot table report replaces up to 100 standard reports. Any type of global situation per fleet that passes through a POI or address, unauthorized power, maximum speed in a point, unauthorized travels, divisions grouping versus cost centres, ordering km covered vs. Illegal stationing, are obtained in a few seconds, in any combination!

SAM – Security Alarm Management.Automatic dispatching of the alarms coming from security systems and automatic management of interventions.