FLEET Management


Driver Behavior, Tacho Data, Safety regulations, Compliance, Live Video

As safety regulations keeps a very strong trend in automotive industry, FleetMaster™ helps you to keep an eye on your drivers and incidents.

We analyze driver behavior and classify your employees based on their driving style, we detect accidents, we download remotely the tachograph data, we monitor CO2 emissions and we even video monitor the road and the cabin.

Keeping your drivers safe is keeping you safe. Monitoring and coaching process cuts costs with fleet maintenance, insurance and business disruption.

All these features makes FleetMaster™ a very valuable tool for your fleet management team.

Advanced Data Collection, Fleet Analysis, Advanced Reporting

We know how important real-time insight into your vehicle performance can be when you’re constantly on the go.

Using FleetMaster™ FMS technology you have smart analysis for various data from GPS, CAN and other specific sensors (speed, torque, engine temperature, fuel level, acceleration, deceleration, panic button, RFID identification, etc..) as well as statistical data about consumption, trips, events, etc. with graphical drill-down display.

Using the automated reporting module FleetMaster™ allows you to see what is happening with your fleet, without any interaction with the interface.
Just define what you want to see and FleetMaster™ will keep you informed only about data that matters to you.

Live Tracking, Roadmap, Fuel Monitoring, Live Alerts

With FleetMaster™ you have both centralized and detailed position reporting, making your job easier and more productive.

Using our 2D and 3D maps as well as accurate tracking results you gain the unique ability to see a visual and interactive display of vehicle activity.

Both map and timeline activity are presented with complete details over roadmaps, speed charts, geo fences, events, alerts, idling, etc.

All activities from simple positioning to fuel monitoring analysis are simple and fully automated through reports and alerts,
available both on web interface and mobile interface.

With FleetMaster™ you acquire full control over the entire fleet!
FleetMaster™ is a fleet management system that presents all data into a smart and intelligible format that simplifies your job!