High-performance software for companies that rely on transportation in their business

In a constantly moving world, for companies that rely on transportation in their business, the need to manage and control movable assets is essential. From GPS to CAN and advanced sensors, all data in the car is collected and processed in real time. The drivers’ behaviour is also carefully monitored. Detection of aggressive drivers is a preventive method for many aspects: its safety, damage to auto parts, abnormal consumption and insurance costs.

Have you ever wondered what is the consumption behaviour during a month and how does it evolve during the year? And even more – which of the cars consume more and why? Using graphical statistics, you can see in a few seconds what is happening to your fleet, what the consumption pattern is, what the evolution of consumption is and who exceeds speed.

FleetMaster takes care of all of these. The team that can offer a complete fleet management solution. And because safety rules maintain a very strong trend in the automotive industry, fleetMaster offers a graphical analysis of road accidents. How do you figure out if the business is going to be profitable and if you make the right choice for the new business? How does route optimization and cost optimization work for your business? Adrian Boaru, CEO of fleetMaster, explained to us today, In Comunitate.

Source: Softuri performante pentru companiile care se bazează pe transport în afacerea lor | Radio Bucuresti FM – Radio Muzica Live Online – Stiri Bucuresti.