OMNIASIG introduces a telematic option in RCA and/or CASCO insurance for legal persons

OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group and FleetMaster have developed a partnership for legal person customers, owners of fleets of more than 20 vehicles, which has as an objective the optional installation of some telematics systems on the insured vehicles.

The new telematic service can be purchased together with the RCA and / or CASCO policy, through the Fleet Risk Management clause.

Telematics systems automatically transmit and process information over long distances via satellites and other communication procedures. Among the data collected are accelerations, braking, turns, distances, number of kilometres, speed, duration of using the vehicle, the driving period and the type of streets and roads travelled. Once installed on cars, they will track the behaviour of the drivers in traffic, and if they drive prudently and responsibly, they will pay less for CASCO and / or RCA policies.

In the case of CASCO and / or RCA policies concluded with this additional clause:

  • the parties agree on their renewal for a period of 3 years;
  • the customer benefits from the beginning of discounts applicable to the technical premiums established for each insured vehicle: 70 EUROS for CASCO, respectively 10% for RCA;
  • individually established insurance premiums for successive insurance years can be reduced if the risk profile identified based on the data collected through the telematics systems confirms an appropriate traffic behaviour.

“The new clause is part of our strategy of responsible insurer. In the context in which in Romania we have a fatal accident rate of more than 80 deaths per million inhabitants, the use of telematic equipment represents the encouragement of drivers towards responsible and preventive behaviour in traffic, as well as the reduction of the number of accidents. Beyond these macro benefits, the new clause allows lower insurance premiums and improved fleet management, yet another proof that OMNIASIG VIG puts the customer’s needs at the centre of its concerns.”, said Mihai TECAU, President of the Board of Directors, OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group.

Thus, the telematics system includes a mobile and desktop application whereby fleet managers can get real-time information on driver behaviour. The application allows the collection of dynamic, relevant data, and can create complex reports. The advantages of the system include the efficient management of the fleets, the prevention of accidents and the reduction of their number in the medium and long term. Moreover, the new system has the effect of reducing the costs in the medium and long term and of optimizing the costs of the RCA and / or CASCO policy. Another advantage is driver accountability, which means increased traffic safety.

OMNIASIG evaluates, starting with 2015, the level of quality of services offered to customers through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement system validated internationally. Therefore, the customers who have had a damage claim at OMNIASIG VIG evaluate the experience they had and the method of investigating the damage, the degree of satisfaction and the quality of the services offered. The general NPS result was 85% between January and September 2018, level similar to that recorded during 2017.

Source: Omniasig introduce o noua clauza in politele de asigurari RCA si CASCO.