Prosonic ProdCom SRL

“The basis of this decision was the necessity of our evolution, and for their development several priorities were taken. The first is the development of a Ruto-Market in the Premium area, the second is the streamlining of the effective deposits, which resulted in the compaction of several products and the third is the implementation of FleetMaster, which has provided sufficient benefits even from the beginning, in order to save energy and finance for the development of goals.

Optimization through the FleetMaster program that, once implemented, has created space, new routing or the streamlining of the old ones. At the same time, they lead to saving the resources that can be invested in other fields.”

Prosonic ProdCom SRL

Eugen Popa – General Manager

Case Study

At the basis of the decision to implement the Fleetmaster application was the need for the evolution of our company. Right from the start, the Fleetmaster solution offered enough benefits, saving the energy and finances needed to develop goals or investments in other areas.

With the help of Fleetmaster, PROSONIC has consolidated its serious and respected company status by improving the services offered, managing at the same time to optimize human and operational resources.