Bere Bauturi Bucuresti

“Bere Băuturi had four strategic directions in 2017. The first direction was to grow the business in which we operate, but perhaps the most important is cost streamlining, especially by implementing systems that allow the best monitoring and control.”

Mariana Klencsar

Vice-President – Bere Băuturi București S.A.

“In 2017, the activity area in the logistics department was focused on completing the implementation of the FleetMaster system, a Transport Management System, into the four branches, Bucharest, Prahova, Ialomiţa and Constanța. The most important benefit was the reduction of the administrative personnel who carried out the planning of the distribution routes to which the optimization of the delivery routes is added, by their automatic generation, respectively the saving of time.

For 2018 we also have new projects, the development of a new route planning module, this time for the sales department.”

Cristian Apostolache

Logistics Department Manager – Bere Băuturi București S.A.

Case Study

Fleetmaster is the ideal solution for our company that has helped us to successfully cope with the distribution challenges, taking into account the exponential development of Bere Băuturi Bucureşti company in recent years.

Using Fleetmaster, we serve the retail, wholesale and HoReCa markets in southeastern Romania at an excellency level, with a volume of over 300,000 hectolitres delivered annually to the 7.600 partners!

At the same time, we managed to meet the quality standard that we have set out, improving the services offered, in parallel with the development of the quality of working conditions of the drivers and with the optimization of the human and operational resources.